Oxyshred by EHP Labs – A No BS Review

Good Afternoon Bosses! Today we’ll be going through a favourite of mine which could help you out on your journey, I aim to give you all the facts but if you have any extra questions drop them in the comments box and we can explore together!

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Name: Oxyshred

Website: https://www.ehplabs.com/ehplabs-oxyshred.html

Price: $69.95 USD ($74.90 AUD)

Owners: EHP Labs

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

So What Is It?

Oxyshred is a fat burner by EHP Labs which claims to target stubborn fat through thermogenesis aka raising body temperature and slowing down calorie absorption.

Targeting cell mitochondria helps mobilize excess calories in white and send it to the mitochondria in brown fat to be burnt for heat.

So why does raising body help burn fat?

Simply put you have two types of body fat, white and brown. White fat is used for energy storage and has receptors for hormones (Insulin, Glucocorticoids, Sex hormones and Norepinephrine), it is less metabolically active than brown fat as it contains fewer mitochondria. White fat functions as insulation and excess calorie storage. White fat is typically found around the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Brown fat is used for regulating body temperature, it is activated when we are cold before the body starts to shiver. Brown fat contains more mitochondria and oxygen, burning more calories for heat. Brown fat is typically found around the kidneys, between the shoulder blades, in the neck and along the spinal cord.

Oxyshred also uses a blend of vitamins and minerals, including caffeine,  proven to improve focus, boost immunity, slow down calorie absorption and metabolism. Other ingrediants worth noting are Vitamin C for immuity boosting properties, Green Coffe Bean Extract which has been known to boost metabolism and slow down calorie absorption in the intestinal tract, Chromium Picolinate which helps to stabalise insulin and glycogen levels in the bloodstream, and Acetyl L-Carnitine which improves the fatty acid burn in cell mitochondria.

The Pros and Cons?

The Pros:

Great Taste –  With 6 regular flavours (Kiwi Strawberry, Passionfruit, Mango, Grapefruit, Guava Paradise and Wild Melon) and 3 special edition flavours (Rainbow Candy, Pina Colada and Grape Bubblegum) there are so many great choices to cater to every taste preference. Personally I get Passionfruit (tastes like passionfruit and lemon cordial to me) and Kiwi Strawberry.

– Effective and Economical – The tub contains 60 serves which if you find you only need 1 scoop then the tub will last you 2 months approximately, if you’re a twice a day person like me then it will last a month or a little longer. Because the ingrediants are potent most will find that for a regular day 1 scoop before your first meal will be enough.

– Quick Results – Oxyshred is great for seeing some inital debloat and proper results within a few weeks if combined with a proper healthy lifestyle and workout program. I’ve personally found whenever I have bloating and am taking Oxyshred it clears much much faster than when I’m having a break.

The Cons:

– If You Eat Like a Jerk You’ll Feel It – This can be a positive and a negative, due to being so effective and fat metabolism and blocking the absorption of excess calories if you eat takeaway or something highly oily then there’s a very good chance you will feel the formula at work and end up heading for the bathroom.

– If You Like High-Stim – Oxyshred only has 150mg of caffeine and gets it’s boost from a mix of vitamins and minerals as well as the caffeine. This is great if you’re someone who doesn’t like or can’t tolerate a lot of caffeine but not for those looking for that extra kick.

– Building Up a Tolerance – Like all stimulants your body will build up a tolerance after regular use as your body adapts to the ingrediants, our bodies like stability after all. It is recommended to take a week off Oxyshred and other stimulants between tubs to give your body a break and allow Oxyshred to continue to be effective for you.

– Waiting To Eat After Taking Oxyshred – It is recommended to wait at least 20 minutes before consuming any food or protein shakes to allow the body to absorb and start utilising Oxyshred. This isn’t great if you’re someone who likes to eat and drink at the same time or likes to have breakfast and caffeine in the car on the way to work. Great however if you’re like me and like something as soon as you’re out of bed and ready to start the day but don’t eat until later.

Who Should Use It? Who Should Avoid It?

Oxyshred is perfect for weightloss beginners and advanced atheletes alike. If you’re looking to find a product which will add to your lifestyle to give you some help with fat loss and overall improved metabolism and immune system then this is it! Great for atheletes who are in a cutting phase or just looking to maintain their physique or people looking for something that actually works to aid in their fat loss journey.

My Opinion

Having used Oxyshred for years and seen great results, it has aided me in losing 20kg, I highly recommend Oxyshred to all. I use it in the morning straight after a shower to give it time to work and again in the afternoon before dinner. I buy my tubs in a stack so they are quite cost effective as well. The flavours are great and wide ranging to suit everyone, the effects are obvious to both myself and those who have been tracking my progress with me.